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Strategist by day. Shaman by night. LSE and Cardiff J School alum. I don't fuss about small stuff.


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Triple Self-Portrait”, 1960, Norman Rockwell.

(Notice the self-portraits of Dürer, Rembrandt, Picasso and Van Gogh as references)

Always have a soft spot for Rockwell.

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Our Dragon Bandana is here!

It’s half white and half green, with a huge dragon in the center. But, I folded it down to the green side. It pops more against the Red Corgi Coat.


I so want to include this in every issue of Offscreen to feel better about not spotting my own typos. :)

Original photo by eyemagazine

What kind of world does one see when one experiences it from the point of view of two and not one? What is the world like when it is experienced, developed and lived from the point of view of difference and not identity? That is what I believe love to be.

Alain Badiou, In Praise of Love


freshfarmhouse: Fresh Farmhouse Shabby Love

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The shirt of the season. @rthshop (at RTH Los Angsles)


DNA and one of my favorite quotes by Carl Sagan added to the stars on my leg. Work is done by Shawn Coalman from “Skin of a different color” tattoo shop in Aurora, IL. There is more work to be done with more Scientific awesomeness and I can not wait! 

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